Saturday, October 2, 2010

returns from MIA with breakfast

Wow, its been ages since I had five minutes to post. And for once, instead of it just being laziness, I've a great excuse - I've just gotten engaged :) We've decided to get married in April next year back home in Australia...7 months to organise a wedding in another country, eh what's a little pressure!

No doubt there'll be lots & lots more about my wedding coming up but in the meantime, what better way to start off a relaxing weekend than with a breakfast cooked by the hubby-to-be!

Last night he made a loaf of GF bread with the trusty bread maker, so this morning it was beans on toast + roasted cherry tomatoes + roasted ham + egg-in-the-hole :) mmmmmmm!!

And for the rest of my fun weekend I'm starting a new sewing project - an ocean-blue cocktail dress to wear to a friend's wedding in November. Here's my progress so far...

!! Yes, I have a little mountain of mess from the paper pattern which is now completely cut out. Ideally I'd like the dress finished within the next 2 weeks...we'll see how that goes. I've also got a Melbourne Cup in Hong Kong event I'd love to wear it to as well so even more incentive to get a wriggle on.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.

Pam x


  1. Congratulations! Breakfast looks scrumptious. It's always better when cooked by someone else :)

  2. Hello Girls! Looks wonderful! Fi xx



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