Thursday, January 26, 2012

broody chooks are driving me crazy!

i have seven chooks. five of them are layers.
four of my layers are currently broody! ARRRGH!
one- my buff sussex a.k.a 'harry the buddah' has been broody ever six weeks since mid july. it is driving me crazy!  does anyone else have this problem with their chooks?
harry, or 'the buddah' as she is affectionately known, spends three & a half weeks plonked in her nest, refusing to move followed by around two-ish weeks whereby she'll lay three eggs every four days, before transforming back into 'broody mode' once more.

presently i am scoring one egg every two days. good thing it is too hot to bake, otherwise...well, i shudder to think! :)

crochet is cool!

i am learning to crochet.
it is tricky, but i am totally loving it!
i am constantly scanning the cyberworld for fabulous crochet ideas.
found these ace flowers over here

i also stumbled across an awesome example of yarn storming.

only to then come across a funky, but not quite as clever example while i was out & about in Carlton.

meanwhile, at the park near my house- lessons continue...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blueberry Bagels or have stuck to 2 out of 4 new years resolutions! YAY!

i am a bit excited. i have managed to successfully keep 2 out of my 4 new years resolutions.
 well, i'll give myself some credit make that 2.5, but that is another story.
so my resolutions for this year were to:
1. do something 'crafty' each week
2. bake something i've never tried to create before, every week
3. organise & file all my paperwork & other general paper detritus
4. go to bed every night by 10.30pm

well, this blog entry is purely relating to point 2.

in the first week of january i whipped up a batch of blueberry bagels.
i love blueberry bagels! i could not believe how easy they were to make.
i sourced the recipe from Food Coma
the recipe is simple  & easy to follow. totally check it out!
my bagels don't quite look as pretty as the groovy ones from Food Coma, but gee they were tasty. as you can see- i devoured mine with jam & butter. so good! :)

last week i created chocolate & beetroot muffins. they were fabulous!. i actually created the recipe myself. however, it is based on one from my current favourite cook book- High Tea (thanks again, Pebbie- it was a fab birthday present! )

i'll have to post the recipe tomorrow, as it is now 10.45pm...and well i kinda want to get to bed, so that i'm not swerving too far from resolution 4! :)

how have you been going with your new years resolutions?

Monday, January 2, 2012

am a bit excited...

look! round things from my garden! together they perhaps would not create the most tastiest dish, but individually they are pretty fab! :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Ho! Ho! Ho!

so, we're in the middle of the festive season & it is new years eve tomorrow. i can not believe it!
i dunno about you, but i am now on holidays for 3 days, which means i am gourging myself on chrissy leftovers while simultaneously playing with pressies & trying to clean up the chaos that still remains from christmas day!
where's the last of the posh blue vein chesse? i decided it wouldn't possibly last until the 1st of january- so i ate it for breakfast! :)

how are your christmas holidays going?

when i was younger a trip to church & the opportunity to show off one's respective haul of presents to the congregation was always a feature of christmas day. as i was working & didn't make it to church, i've decided to show off some of my goodies to the camelia sisters' cyber community instead! :) what did you score under the christmas tree?

here's a snapshot of my week that was...

yay! we love the 'monty snow house'!

i'm dreaming of a white christmas...

fab new dress for christmas- thanks lazza! :)

the plant looks kinda dead, but my tomatoes are ripening!

my sister is so cool! :)

some more of my haul! :)

sigh! no more shortbread! :(

 see ya in 2012!

Monday, December 5, 2011

thanks for dinner, pip

mmmm...last night for dinner i whipped this up.
what i loved about the recipe was that i pretty much had all the ingredients in the house! yay!
well, except for onions, which i substitued with leeks.
and i used curry paste, instead of powder.
oh yeah, and i added good ole corriander in tube as well! :) i just can't seem to grow corriander.
what i really loved about this recipe was that it has a really nutty flavour, but is entirely nut free.
i think you should try it too.
a big thumbs up for pip's mee rebus!

Friday, December 2, 2011


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