Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fresh from the world of donna hay...chocolate crackles!

i am loving simple recipes at the moment. anything that combines fun in the kitchen & kid friendly-ness is a winner wiith me. this recipe combines both. yay! :) it is the tastiest & easiest chocolate crackle recipe ever. i love theses & now plan to incorporate the little beauties into my life on a regular basis.

all you need is 4 cups of rice bubbley cereal, 1/3 cup of golden syrup & 200g of dark chocolate.

essentially you just melt the chocolate. (my prefered method is the ole 'bowl over the top of saucepan filled with boiling water' method) mix the golden syrup in with the melted chocolate & then throw in the rice bubbles. mix, mix, mix until the cereal is all chocolatey & then plop a spoonful or two into individual patty pans. pop all your crackles in the fridge & wait for an hourish for your creations to set!

the original recipe recommends 100g of butter. i didn't use butter. decided to opt for less fat so that i could eat more of the finished product!

yum yum yum

jules X

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