Tuesday, September 28, 2010

what shall we have for morning tea today? magic monkey bananas?

well, bananas were on special. in the kitchen we had already whipped up a cake & experimented with a few varieties of banana/fruit combo smoothies. what to do next?
it was an easy call. i can never say no to chocolatey fun in the kitchen! :)


it is the easiest recipe ever:
bananas, paddle pop sticks, 100g of melted chocolate for 3 bananas & 100's&1000's

peel your bananas & cut them across the middle

poke a paddle pop stick in one end of each banana

dunk each banana in melted chocolate. watch out for wonky bananas!

sprinkle the chocolatey bananas in 100's&1000's

try to distract yourself for at least an hour while the bananas are setting in the fridge!

hmmm....what to do with the leftover chocolate & sprinkles?!? :)

yippee! magic monkey bananas for morning tea...and maybe lunch too! :)

jules X

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