Friday, December 30, 2011

Ho! Ho! Ho!

so, we're in the middle of the festive season & it is new years eve tomorrow. i can not believe it!
i dunno about you, but i am now on holidays for 3 days, which means i am gourging myself on chrissy leftovers while simultaneously playing with pressies & trying to clean up the chaos that still remains from christmas day!
where's the last of the posh blue vein chesse? i decided it wouldn't possibly last until the 1st of january- so i ate it for breakfast! :)

how are your christmas holidays going?

when i was younger a trip to church & the opportunity to show off one's respective haul of presents to the congregation was always a feature of christmas day. as i was working & didn't make it to church, i've decided to show off some of my goodies to the camelia sisters' cyber community instead! :) what did you score under the christmas tree?

here's a snapshot of my week that was...

yay! we love the 'monty snow house'!

i'm dreaming of a white christmas...

fab new dress for christmas- thanks lazza! :)

the plant looks kinda dead, but my tomatoes are ripening!

my sister is so cool! :)

some more of my haul! :)

sigh! no more shortbread! :(

 see ya in 2012!

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