Sunday, November 6, 2011

last night was loads of fun!

trivia night was fab! the opportunity to  whip  the mothballs off my fav fab frock, dab on some glitter &  'glam up' with pals doesn't happen too often. so, as you can imagine, i was looking forward to last night's proceedings. loads of yummy food, bubbles, M&Ms & fab company- what more could a girl ask for?! :)  plus the added bonus that my awesome team won ! yippee! :)
but more importantly, loads of money was raised for kinder

check out my prize haul! :)

so this morning i've been reveling in the warm fuzzy glow that i am sure accompanys all champions after a big win! :) 
i've devoured a significant portion of my chocolates, after admiting that lazza is right, and that it is indeed far too early to crack open the wine! 
after finally dragging myself away from the mini crunchies,  i hung with the chooks for a bit, with some toast and chai. 
even my crook toe got in on the action last night with some 'barbie pink' varnish!

fav fab frock is washed & waiting for the next adventure!

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