Monday, October 24, 2011

two wins in the kitchen in one day!

loads of eggs & loads of lemons, but what to do? lemon butter of course! :)
after a quick scroll through 'goggle' i found a recipe & then adapted it a bit to ensure the final product was extra lemoney. (totally unrelated- did you know there is a microwave method for lemon butter?!)

Jules's Lemon Butter
8 Egg Yolks
2 cups of Caster Sugar
200g Butter
Rind from 2 Lemons
Juice of 7 Lemons
1 eye of Newt

*whisk egg yolks & sugar in a saucepan
* once the sugar is dissolved, chuck the saucepan onto the stove & stir on a low heat.
* mix in butter & lemon juice
*stir stir stir
*stir some more until it thickens up & will coat the back of a wooden spoon. 
(kinda like a custard consistency)
* pour into sterilized jars, allow to cool & then store in the fridge
* depending on how quickly you hoe into it, the contents shouldn't expire for 3ish weeks.
 this recipe made approx 5ish cups worth

then i was left with 8 egg whites. and what does one do when they find themselves faced with not one, not two, but 8 egg whites? well i whipped them into CHOCOLATE MERINGUES!

i am so excited by this recipe. could you tell 'coz i was typing in capital letters? :)

it is dead easy to follow & modified ( like almost all of my recipes) from '2011 high tea: recipes with a sense of occasion, NSW, Murdoch Books', which is also known as 'the fab cook book Pebbie gave me for my birthday this year'! which is also often shortened to 'my fab high tea book'! :)

Chocolate Meringues
 8 Egg Whites
Pinch of Salt
1 cup Caster Sugar
300g Milk Chocolate- coarsely grated

* pre-heat oven to 120 degrees
*  slowly add egg whites into the Electric Mixer bowl. Chuck in the salt & mix mix mix until the contents starts to turn fluffy.
*add sugar gradually. mix mix mix until soft peaks form
*remove from Mixer & fold Chocolate into the egg white mixture.
*spoon out mixture onto lined baking trays. 
(the mixture will spread as it cooks so don't place the little meringuey mounds too close together!)
* reduce temperature of oven to 100 degrees. wack in your trays & cook for 1-1.5ish hours 
(i cooked mine for just over an hour to ensure the meringues would be gooey inside...mmm chocolate gooey-ness!:) )
*finished meringue should be hard on top & sound kinda hollowish if you tap them on the bottom.
* turn off oven & leave the door slightly ajar & allow the meringues to cool.

some of these are sprinkled with coco powder. next batch will be loads more decadent- am thinking will drizzle them with melted chocolate!

now, how will i get all the crumbs out of the gaps on my keyboard?

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  1. I made the lemon butter but have 1 x eye of newt left over?



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