Friday, October 21, 2011

stuck on the couch

well here i am. on the couch, trying hard not to move too much.
there are so many things i should be doing- paperwork, attacking my massive pile of washing, cleaning... forcing myself to sit still is a bit of a novelty. i'm trying to blog while simultaneously teaching myself to crochet. it is kinda working. it helps that it is raining outside so i'm not tempted to run around doing random things in the garden.
my foot jammed inside the wine cooler thingie

massive washing pile!!!

at the beginning of the year i posted a bit of stuff about my chooks. they haven't had much attention in cyberspace of late. surprising really as they are possibly  my main, if not only topic of conversation since they moved in! :)

for those of you who haven't heard about my chookies or are desperate for more tales of their mishaps & adventures please read on...
googie eggs from eggsey (our first ever layer), bluey & then a double yoker from harry! wonder how it feels, as a hen, when your first ever egg is a whoppin' double yoker?
what to make with loads of eggs? how 'bout an egg & leek pie. there are TEN eggs in there!

harry the buddah is broody again!

while exploring in the garden, pulled back some weeds & discovered a stockpile of eggs just nestled together in the dirt against the fence.

baked a sponge with eggs that were hours old. guess there is such a thing as too fresh! :)

scrambled eggs- the first meal we ever cooked as proud owners of laying hens! :) mayonnaise with scrambled eggs on sourdough!

tiny, you were ace!

pancakes- bright yellow & a non traditional shape!

nah mumma, not a fan of baked eggs! i just wanna eat the soldiers!

eggsey was our first ever layer. she popped out an egg on my birthday!

 total chook tally- as of today we now have 5 laying hens, but 3 of them are broody and 2 eight week old bantam chicks. as a result of the current era of broody-ness we are collecting only 2 eggs each day....but 2 eggs & 7 chooks are better than no eggs & no chookies! :)

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