Sunday, October 23, 2011

the quest to discover the perfect Butter!

we have ditched Margarine in this house! why? because we rediscovered Butter!
the search for the perfect combination of not too salty & very creamy has begun.
the field is wide & contestants are quickly falling at the wayside, or at least out of the Butter dish.
ALDI organic ( although it breaks my heart having to dis anything from the big A!) is a FAIL!
the best so far is a Woolies variety. it was a big hit & gone before i even had the opportunity to record it. as a consequence it is now known as 'something-a-rather Woolies brand extra creamy'.
ALDI Butterfully gets a very honourable mention. far superior to its organic cousin.
so far the 'great Butter search' has been much tastier, but probably not as healthy as the 'hunt for the perfect Soy milk'!

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