Sunday, August 8, 2010

international crafty adventures - Singapore

Life is great on the craft front at the moment - I'm in one of those phases where my projects are so fun & interesting they're distracting me at work :)

On a side note, I've noticed I consciously do one particular thing when I travel - google the destination to see if they have any craft supplies shops! Super daggy confession I know...the bf is not too impressed with this (not exactly his idea of a good time!). But just for fun I'm now going to make a dedicated page on our blog to international craft stores visited. Need to work out how to use google maps with this...[will update once I've worked it out].

Anyway, kicking off my first International Crafty Adventures post is Golden Dragon Store in Singapore.

Golden Dragon Store
Getting there: Golden Dragon Store are really easy to find, just catch the MRT (train) to Chinatown station - there's an easy-to-follow map on their website.
What they have: Great store for craft (wool tools & supplies, felting, needlecraft, beading + great range of japanese craft tools & books) plus when I was there a small bunch of ladies we're sitting in their 'craft corner' knitting away - so cute! Definitely worth the visit - and a revisit! If I can't find specific craft supplies in HK, Golden Dragon's online ordering might be handy (and cheaper than ordering from Australia).
What they don't have: Material (i.e. for dressmaking) & paper supplies (i.e. card making BUT they do have Paper Tole tools)
What I purchased:
~ yarn needles
~ embroidery hoop
~ double tracing wheel (for marking the seam allowance & sewing line - its the japanese brand Clover)

Don't forget to check out our new international crafty adventures page for the website address & more reviews!

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