Thursday, July 8, 2010

thanks Donna Hay!

it is here!
 'donna hay kid's magazine'. have you seen it? it is fantastic!

i grabbed my copy yesterday & haven't put it down since- which has been quite problematic on a lot of levels! :) i adapted one of the recipes for last night's dinner.
basically i just excluded or substitued ingredients with food i had at home and/or food i hoped would be eaten. (the green onions suggested by DH were the first evictees!)
my recipe is based on 'chicken & snow pea fried rice' p 26.
 to increase the likelihood of the dish being eaten i also changed its name

chicken, peas & rice
2 eggs, lightly beaten
garlic ( i used 2 teaspoons of minced garlic)
2.5 cups of cooked white rice
handful of green beans
1-ish cup of frozen peas
half a red capsicum
half a cooked chook (no skin, bones or stuffing) shredded
splash or two of soy sauce

chicken for another day, shredded chicken & chook bits for the pooch!

1. fire up the frying pan, add some oil & the garlic. heat the garlic & then throw in the egg. once the egg is fried removed it from the heat & set aside on a plate. chop fried egg into little strips.

2. steam all the vegies until they are crunchy

i cheated and pinged my vegies in the microwave!

3. splash some more oil into the pan & then add the cooked rice. stir for a minute or so before adding vegies

as per usual- got distracted while cooking & the pot of rice overflowed!

4. mix in the chicken & stir until all the food is combined. pour in soy sauce & stir some more

5. plonk the finished product into some bowls & top with the fried egg

success! everything was gobbled up! well, everything except the capsicum...

jules X


  1. looks yummy! an such a cute mag!
    Pam x

  2. So glad to find other gluten-free blogs from people in living HK! Now I can have more GF cooking ideas instead of salad and pot rice all the time. It seems that you are on a "low gluten" instead of a completely gluten free diet as you are using soy sauce?

  3. Hi M,
    Only Pam (me - in Hong Kong) is gluten free and lucky Jules (my sister - in Melbourne, Australia) is not GF. Jules' son has a nut allergy though so her cooking is nut free.

    Great to see your GF blog & I'm part of the geoexpat group too! I'll definitely start posting some of my GF dinners + yummy weekend breakfasts (besides the waffles).

    Oh, and I do use a GF soy sauce (from Wellcome Super Store, Kennedy Town).

    Thanks so much for commenting x

  4. No Wonder! LOL. My sister is in Toronto. I actually invited her to post anything around the allergy topic on my blog as well. Another reason I liked your blog - a sister team blogging long-distance on how we enjoy life despite our allergies!

    I already subscribed to your blog. Look forward to your posts. =)



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