Monday, January 23, 2012

Blueberry Bagels or have stuck to 2 out of 4 new years resolutions! YAY!

i am a bit excited. i have managed to successfully keep 2 out of my 4 new years resolutions.
 well, i'll give myself some credit make that 2.5, but that is another story.
so my resolutions for this year were to:
1. do something 'crafty' each week
2. bake something i've never tried to create before, every week
3. organise & file all my paperwork & other general paper detritus
4. go to bed every night by 10.30pm

well, this blog entry is purely relating to point 2.

in the first week of january i whipped up a batch of blueberry bagels.
i love blueberry bagels! i could not believe how easy they were to make.
i sourced the recipe from Food Coma
the recipe is simple  & easy to follow. totally check it out!
my bagels don't quite look as pretty as the groovy ones from Food Coma, but gee they were tasty. as you can see- i devoured mine with jam & butter. so good! :)

last week i created chocolate & beetroot muffins. they were fabulous!. i actually created the recipe myself. however, it is based on one from my current favourite cook book- High Tea (thanks again, Pebbie- it was a fab birthday present! )

i'll have to post the recipe tomorrow, as it is now 10.45pm...and well i kinda want to get to bed, so that i'm not swerving too far from resolution 4! :)

how have you been going with your new years resolutions?

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