Sunday, November 13, 2011

superglue strikes again

yep, that's dried superglue!

you would think i would've learned after many of the infamous incidents of the last ten years-  the 'nearly lost more than one layer of skin trying to extract finger from side of tube' trauma in 1999 to the 'two bottles of nail varnish remover later & the arm of my sunnies is finally dislodged from being sandwiched between two fingers' of 2008 to the 'thong stuck to the kitchen floor with my foot still in it, while other foot & thong are moving freely ' of 2009. but alas i have not!

here is the photographic evidence that yet again a tube of superglue has inflicted me with pain. fortunately the clone trooper's hand is now reattached, it can no longer rotate, but that hasn't appeared to prevent him from playing with his pals. i, on the other hand am off to buy some rubber gloves, which i will now store with the superglue, & wear every time i whip out the tube. lets hope their adoption leads to a decline in my injuries!

1 comment:

  1. LOL!!! This did make me laugh Jules, Sorry! YOu are a funny one xx Fi



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