Wednesday, November 2, 2011

missing chicken...

having five chooks has its moments! it is never a dull, or quiet day in my household. (the poor neighbours!) i suspect i have also become a rather lame conversationalist as all my chatter revolves around my feathered pets! i've given up watching telly as the chickens are far more interesting and they lay eggs ( most of the time) which is always an added bonus!

as you can imagine, the discovery that one of the five had potentially 'flown the coop' (pardon the pun...har har har) struck fear through the house this afternoon. perhaps this was the catalyst for all my  misshapen baking?...

anyway, amidst hysterical cries of 'call the fire brigade', 'BUUCIRKKK!'  and '*sob* now i'm gonna have to get another replacement chookie', i attempted to conduct a relatively calm search through the backyard.

how she discovered the gap in the boards, behind all the ivy & random bushiness i will never know, but thank God there was nothing else UNDER the house that discovered her! bloody bantams! whose idea was it to get such little chooks anyway?!?!..probably mine as they are so darn cute! :)

the rest of the afternoon was spent trying to jam rogue planks of timber & big rocks into any other potential black holes and chowing down on wonky bread!

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