Friday, April 15, 2011

so much can be achieved by 8.30am!

i am often amazed at how little i manage to achieve in a day! to paraphrase a quote  from a fellow 'mummy blogger'- before i had children i had a five year plan. once the babies arrived that became a five minute plan, but alas even that it is not always achievable!

today, while still clad in my pj's, i set out to document everything that was completed in my household before 8.30am. as i type, i am surrounded by leggo (the beginnings of a pirate ship), Kinder paperwork & the ever increasing pile of easer egg wrappers. there is literally no evidence left of my house being tidy before i went to bed last night! however, i am on a high as i reflect on this morning's accomplishments. even if nothing else is done today at least i know that part of my morning was productive!

fed the chookies

why do they drink from every source other than their drink container?

harry, when are you going to lay an egg?

so many turds, but still no eggs!

it is nearly time to whip up a batch of lemon butter!

no eggs in there!
eating porridge while talking like a pirate- ARR

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