Saturday, July 17, 2010

what is in here?

Drum roll please....

I've baked another Sponge!

i used the same recipe from my inaugural Sponge Cake post, except this time i substituted plain flour for custard powder (hence the more yellowy appearance).

am stoked with the appearance, texture and how much the cake rose & of course the fact that there are no burneeez bits. however, i felt the bottom layer was a bit dry.

does anyone have any Sponge Cake tips?

i think i should've also whipped up an icing for it, rather than just sprinkling the top with icing sugar.
mmmm...passionfruit icing! :)

final verdict: lashings of cream & jam seemed to disguise dryness, thus creating quite a tasty morning tea treat!

rachie & lydia- i should've taken happy snaps of us eating rather than the dirty dishes! :)

Jules X
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